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Ibni Sina Medical journal; 4 issues   per year are published including electronic and print format. The aim of the journal is to publish periodically new and original clinical-scientific  researchs from basic and clinical medical sciences that will be accepted by the international scholars. Invited review articles on current subjects, the editorial short articles and interesting case reports are also published..


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Cilt 2, Sayı 3 (2016)



Importance of apopitosis markers and oxidized low density lipoprotein for diagnosis and prognosis determination of acute myocardial infarction PDF (English)
Gündüz Ayhan Erener, Mehmet Yazıcı, Rahim Kocabaş, Mehmet Aköz
Nanosilver and its Toxicity PDF (English)
Mehmet Enes Sözen, Hasan Cüce, Halime Tuba Canbaz
An internal fixation application by means of titanium clips for clavicular fractures PDF (English)
Mustafa Çalık, Saniye Göknil Çalık, Hıdır Esme

ISSN: 2149-2220