Case Report: Hepatomesenteric Trunk.

Kemal Emre Özen, Mustafa Büyükmumcu, Orhan Özbek, Anıl Didem Aydın Kabakçı, Gökalp Şahin
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The coeliac trunk and the superior mesenteric artery are the two ventral branches which are arising from abdominal aorta and supply blood to wide area at the supracolic compartment. An abdominal vascular variation of a 65 years old patient who is diagnosed with acute aortic dissection was encountered. While evaluating the anatomic structures on the angiographies, we observed that the branching pattern of the coeliac trunk was not presenting trifurcation nature and the common hepatic artery was arising from the superior mesenteric artery. This report of branching variation which was presented with its anatomic aspects may help clinician while planning and performing some invasive surgical or radiological procedures. 

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Coeliac trunk; hepatomesenteric trunk; splenogastric trunk; variation

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