Imaging findings of fahr’s syndrome may variable

Murat Gültekin, Serkan Şenol, Burak Kütük, Tayfun Turan, Meral Mirza
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Although Fahr’s syndrome (FS) was defined a long time ago, it is a rare disorder that may be overlooked in differential diagnosis. This often occurs especially when images specific to FS cannot be obtained. Patients with FS exhibit a wide variety of clinical symptoms. Neuropsychiatric disorders such as dystonia, parkinsonism, cognitive dysfunction, depression, schizoid disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder and personality disorders are frequently seen (1). FS diagnosis is based on the evaluation of three main elements, including bilateral idiopathic non-atherosclerotic calcification of the basal ganglia, psychiatric symptoms, main movement disorders and neurological findings (2). In this paper, we report two FS cases  whose standard magnetic resonance (MR) images were normal and who therefore were given a late diagnosis.

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Fahr’s syndrome, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging

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